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Anwar Returns  – The Final Twist

By Mark Trowell KC, with foreward by The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG (former Justice of High Court of Australia)

Published by Marshall Cavendish these three bestselling books are a day-to-day factual account of the second criminal trial of the former deputy prime minister and opposition leader of Malaysia on a charge of sodomy. It covers the dramatic twists and turns in the prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim from his first trial in September 1998 to his final vindication 20 years later.

They deal with his political comeback in 2008 after spending six years in prison; the police investigation of the sodomy allegation made by his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari; the trial and Anwar’s ultimate acquittal; and finally the prosecution appeals which resulted in his conviction and imprisonment for five years.

The latest book ‘The Final Twist’ (published in mid-2018) recounts the dramatic change of government in the 2018 general election after 60 years of one-party rule ; Anwar’s extraordinary release and royal pardon; and the changing political tide that has swept through Malaysia.

The paperback and kindle editions are available at and other book sellers.

“…A well written and readable account of extraordinary events that are of significance to Malaysia, its laws and politics.”
The Hon Michael Kirby

“An intriguing and internationally significant book about a monumental miscarriage of justice, that has finally ended  with the timely pardoning of Anwar Ibrahim. Expertly told”.
Thomas Percy QCAlbert Wolff Chambers, Perth

“A riveting account of a truly remarkable story”

Drew Herron, Director of American Institute for liberty and Justice

“A gripping tale of political intrigue at the highest levels of government”

Mark Andrews, Senior Lawyer, Mark Andrews Legal

“A contemporaneous and incisive account of a political trial disguised as a criminal case. A must-read”.
Anil DivanSenior Advocate and former President of the Bar Association of India

“Mark Trowell exposes sharply the flawed prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim – an absolute read for every one interested in understanding how and why this happened”.
Rogier  HuizengaInter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva

“The charges against Anwar Ibrahim for the offence of carnal intercourse against the order of nature, the criminal trial that followed and the strictures with respect to pre-trial disclosure, show us two things: it is high time such an offence is expunged from our statute books, and trial by ambush has no place in the criminal justice system. This book is a timely reminder that justice is a global concern”.
Christopher LeongPresident, Malaysian Bar

“An eloquently analysed process of a case, which barely corroborates the judicial independence and the Rule of Law”.
Akio Harada, former Prosecutor General of Japan